Guest Center

With its clean, contemporary aesthetic, Revive is designed to welcome patients̓ family members and guests and encourage their participation in the recovery process. With a comfortably padded seating surface, an easy-to-use sliding sleep deck, built-in personal storage, many options to customize and multiple sizes, Revive is poised to meet the broad range of needs associated with overnight guest visits.


  • Wipe-out design
  • Powder-coated legs
  • Sliding sleep deck
  • Removable upholstery on sleep deck
  • Two storage drawers with laminate drawer fronts
  • Rear storage trough on twin size
  • Indoor Advantage Gold Certified
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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  • User-friendly sliding sleep deck.
  • Removable upholstery on sleep deck and two easily-cleaned drawers simplify maintenance.
  • Options such as storage troughs and tablet arms provide personal accommodation.

Statement of Line

  • RVS10/72
    Single guest center without arms
    W: 72 D: 28 / 34 (extended) H: 33
  • RVS15/72
    Twin guest center without arms
    and rear storage trough
    W: 71 D: 34 / 46 (extended) H: 33
  • RVS31/80
    Guest center with arced arms
    and single sleep surface
    W: 80 D: 34 / 46 (extended) H: 33
  • RVS36/80
    Twin guest center with arced arms
    and rear storage trough
    W: 80 D: 34 / 46 (extended) H: 33
  • RVS36/80X2
    Guest center with double sleep surface
    and fold-down back
    W: 80 D: 34.25 / 49.75 (extended) H: 34.25
George Simons, Jr.

Designed by George Simons, Jr.

Based in Seattle, George Simons (BS, University of Wisconsin, MFA, University of Illinois) has been designing for the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

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