The Prísto Recliner provides a high level of comfort, style, and functionality. Its many optional accessories make it versatile enough for a variety of uses and settings. The independently operated back and footrest and optional fold-down arm enhance patient comfort, and the exceptional ease of use supports caregivers in their work.



  • Moisture barrier
  • Square back
  • Wood arm caps and trim
  • Upholstered arm caps and trim
  • Folding side table with or without cup holder
  • Swivel table
  • Adjustable tray table
  • Optional activation button location (PRTT-16)
  • Dual activation button (PRTT-16)
  • Fold-down arm (PRTT-16)
  • Fold-flat recline (PRTT-16)
  • Utility hook (PRTT-16)
  • Push-bar (PRTT-16)
  • Central brake and steer caster system (PRTT-16)
  • Multiple fabrics
  • Antimicrobial Solution

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SCS Indoor Advantage


  • Optional lay-flat push bar (shown) creates an ease of mobility for caregivers.
  • A variety of options, including table options (shown), enhance functionality and support caregiver work.
  • Fold-down arm option (shown) allows convenient approach to seated patient.

Statement of Line

  • PRTT-16
    W: 34.5 D: 41 / 79.25 H: 47.5 SW: 24.5 SH: 20.25
  • PRTT-16FA
    W: 34.5 D: 41 / 79.25 H: 47.5 SW: 24.5 SH: 20.25
  • PRCL-16OB
    Plus Recliner
    W: 37.5 D: 36 / 59 H: 47.25 SW: 27.5 SH: 19

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