Privacy Screen

Palisade privacy screens help direct traffic and subdivide waiting spaces. They also help to contain sound and maintain privacy and are offered on Palisade multiple seating, booths and two place daystands. These screens are ordered separately and can be retrofitted in the field.


  • Powder coated steel bracketry
  • Standard attachment hardware fasteners
  • Textiles bonded to core
  • Durable protective outer edges
  • Alignment feature between largest span cores
  • Tackable inner core
  • Replaceable components available
  • 1 year warranty


News, Awards, Recognition

Silver, Healthcare: Guest/Lounge Seating, Best of NeoCon, 2018

Statement of Line

  • 867C-1
    Privacy Screen
    (Two Position Multiple or Easy Access)
    W: 45 H: 31
  • 867C-2
    Privacy Screen
    (Two Place Daystand)
    W: 51 H: 31
  • 867C-3
    Privacy Screen
    (Single Booth)
    W: 63 H: 31
  • 867C-4
    Privacy Screen
    (Three Position Multiple or Easy Access)
    W: 67 H: 31
  • 867C-5
    Privacy Screen
    (Two Seat Booth)
    W: 88 (2, 44" screens) H: 31
Jess Sorel

Designed by Jess Sorel

Working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jess Sorel (BFA in Industrial Design with Distinction from California College of the Arts) provides product design, creative direction and design strategy services. 

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