Multiple Seating

Palisade Multiple Seating anticipates and supports guests’ needs in public waiting spaces. Seats, armrests, and benches can be configured into multiple arrangements. Tables can be added in-line, at a corner, or at the end of a run. Privacy screens help direct traffic and subdivide a setting, and integrated power access makes it convenient for visitors to stay connected. Easy Access and Booths are also available, adding to the breadth of this versatile system of seating and tables.



News, Awards, Recognition

Greenguard Gold Certification Silver, Healthcare: Guest/Lounge Seating, Best of NeoCon, 2018


  • A Wipe-out design is a visible gap between seat cushions and arm panels that allows for thorough, efficient cleaning.
  • Solid surface arm cap (shown) provides long-term durability and design versatility.

Statement of Line

  • 867M-10
    Chair with Arms
    W: 23.5 D: 26 H: 33.375
  • 867M-20N
    Two Seat with Arms
    W: 48.75 D: 26 H: 33.375
  • 867M-21RN/LN
    Two Seat with
    Right or Left Arm
    W: 46.75 D: 26 H: 33.375
  • 867M-30IT
    Two Seat with
    Center Table
    W: 71.25 D: 26 H: 33.375
  • 867M-30N
    Three Seat with Arms
    W: 71.25 D: 26 H: 33.375
  • 867M-31RN/LN
    Three Seat with Right
    or Left Arm
    W: 68.5 D: 26 H: 33.375
Jess Sorel

Designed by Jess Sorel

Working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jess Sorel (BFA in Industrial Design with Distinction from California College of the Arts) provides product design, creative direction and design strategy services. 

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