Multiple and Tandem Benches are welcoming and accommodating. Low and linear, their forms complement the Palisade Collection and break up the sameness found in many waiting spaces. Powder-coated steel frames deliver the strength and durability needed for use in high-traffic areas.



News, Awards, Recognition

Silver, Healthcare: Guest/Lounge Seating, Best of NeoCon, 2018 SCS Indoor Advantage

Statement of Line

  • 867B-2
    45.5" Freestanding Bench
    W: 45.5 D: 18.5 H: 18.75 SW: 45.5 SH: 18.75
  • 867B-3
    68.25" Freestanding Bench
    W: 68.25 D: 18.5 H: 18.75 SW: 68.25 SH: 18.75
  • 867ME-P
    Extension with Pedestal
    W: 45 D: 18.5 H: 18.75 SW: 45 SH: 18.75
Jess Sorel

Designed by Jess Sorel

Working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jess Sorel (BFA in Industrial Design with Distinction from California College of the Arts) provides product design, creative direction and design strategy services. 

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