Merge II

Flop Sofa

The Merge II Flop Sofa creates a sense of wellbeing for patients and visitors during the healing process. The flexibility and features of Merge II allow for a variety of configurations that accommodate guest activities such as sleeping, working, dining and socializing. Designed with healthcare performance in mind, this Flop Sofa also addresses important issues such as infection control and overnight comfort.


  • Replaceable components
  • Clean-out design
  • Upholstered arms
  • Laminate center table
  • Back cushion flops down to convert to a sleep surface (no mechanism); dimensions are width of model x 30"
  • Plinth base with 2 1/4" plastic glides
  • Antimicrobial, moisture proof, and cleanable sleep surface
  • Removable covers
  • Indoor Advantage Gold Certified
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty; five years on the mechanism


News, Awards, Recognition

SCS Indoor Advantage


  • Optional storage drawers with optional removable plastic liners accommodate personal items.
  • Optional solid surface (shown), wood, or urethane arm caps provide choices that are equally durable for healthcare spaces.
  • Adjustable height center table provides a work or eating surface.

Statement of Line

  • 865N-74 W: 74 D: 35 / 53 (footrest extended) H: 33 SW: 24.5 SH: 18
  • 865N-78 W: 78 D: 35 / 53 (footrest extended) H: 33 SW: 24.5 SH: 18
  • 865N-82 W: 82 D: 35 / 53 (footrest extended) H: 33 SW: 24.5 SH: 18