Great waiting spaces are as varied as the people who use them. They provide a sense of personal space for individuals as well as comfortable areas for families to gather. Palisade is a family of seating, tables, and space division accessories designed to improve the waiting experience for a wide range of guests. It creates spaces that feel familiar, so people can make the most of their time, whether they’re catching up on work or supporting loved ones. Palisade communicates care and comfort, and its inclusive qualities extend beyond healthcare settings to other public spaces.

Explore the range of welcoming and waiting spaces supported by the Palisade Collection.


  • Accommodation

    Thoughtful features make it easier for guests to talk face-to-face with patients, share meals, entertain themselves, and even sleep without leaving the patient’s side. Meeting these needs makes guests feel welcome and keeps them connected to their loved one so they can support the healing process.
  • Connectivity

    Optional power outlets let guests keep their phones, laptops, and other devices charged so they can stay connected to the outside world while they wait. The convenient integration of power demonstrates designer Jess Sorel’s focus on meeting the needs of guests.
  • Space Efficiency

    Integrated tables, a U-shaped base, and intuitive storage options make Palisade more functional while minimizing its overall footprint. Individual components are designed to consider the wide range of guests’ needs, adding to the versatility of the collection.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Silver, Best of NeoCon, 2018
  • Special 2016, German Design Award, 2016
  • Winner, Core77 Design Awards, 2015
  • Best of Year, Interior Design, 2014
  • Best of Competition, Nightingale Awards, 2014
  • GOOD DESIGN AWARD, The Chicago Athenaeum, 2014
  • Gold, Nightingale Awards, 2014
  • HIP Design for Wellness Honoree, Interior Design, 2014
  • Silver, Healthcare: Guest/Lounge Seating, Best of NeoCon, 2014
  • Winner, Record Products 2014, Architectural Record, 2014

About the Designer

While traditional patient rooms focus on the patient, designer Jess Sorel was intrigued by the idea of focusing on another audience: the patient’s guest. In designing Palisade, he created a collection of furnishings that spoke to their needs first, instantly signaling a sense of welcome and support.

As Sorel expanded his designs beyond the patient room, he maintained this sense of welcome, extending the appeal of Palisade to hospitality and other markets where guests find themselves waiting for extended periods of time. Today, the breadth of Palisade makes it the largest and most versatile furniture collection Nemschoff has ever produced.

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