The sophisticated Brava collection lets you create a multitude of combinations in perfect harmony. With so many appealing products within the collection including Brava Modern, Brava Platform, and Brava Classic it's a versatile and welcoming choice for any healthcare setting.

“A successful design allows the materials to reveal their best faces in service to the human form.”

– Ken Reinhard

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About the designer

Ken Reinhard (Kendall College of Art and Design, Michigan State University) has been designing for 40 years, including a decade of healthcare experience. His studio is based in Stevensville, Maryland.

When faced with a healthcare design challenge, Ken typically turns his mind to friends or family members who are in need of healthcare. “I attempt to design products that will attend to their needs and aid them in their day-to-day lives,” he says. “My work is informed primarily by observing the needs of people in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement communities. My products attempt to make their lives a bit easier and more comfortable.” Close observation and research play a key part in his work. “When the problem is clearly defined, the design process can begin,” he says.

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