Behavioral Health


Informed by our work with leading facilities, we have developed a family of well designed solutions that provide quality craftsmanship and meet the demanding conditions of Behavioral Health environments. Designed for use in facilities where safety and security are of the utmost concern, our Behavioral Health products meet the functional and quality requirements of these areas, including a lifetime warranty. Our products also offer a comforting, residential feel and can be used in patient, lounge and group areas. Our comprehensive and flexible product offering includes casegoods, desks, beds, and seating with custom solutions available when unique requirements arise.



  • Drawer liners
  • Locks
  • Wall mount, floor mount, wall and floor mount and floor free concealed attachment methods available
  • Wood drawer guides
  • Edge details
  • Material options: Maple, Laminate, Oak

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SCS Indoor Advantage


  • Optional lock available on all doors and drawers
  • Secured drawers are engineered to be non-removable for patient and caregiver safety
  • Multiple security attachments available to prevent furniture from being used improperly
  • All fasteners are tamper-resistent for patient and caregiver protection
  • All shelves are reinforced and fixed in place for enhanced durability
  • Standard product includes a gentle radius for safety

Statement of Line

  • BHBG/00
    2 shelf
    W: 19.25 D: 19.5 H: 21.25
  • BHBG/01
    1 drawer
    W: 19.25 D: 19.5 H: 21.25
  • BHBA/00
    3 shelf
    W: 19.25 D: 19.5 H: 29.75
  • BHBA/03
    3 drawer
    W: 19.25 D: 19.5 H: 29.75
  • BHBC/01
    3 shelf
    W: 31.25 D: 19.5 H: 29.75
  • BHBC/03
    3 drawer
    W: 31.25 D: 19.5 H: 29.75
  • BHBC/02
    4 shelf
    W: 31.25 D: 19.5 H: 38.25
  • BHBC/04
    4 drawer
    W: 31.25 D: 19.5 H: 38.25
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