Lounge Seating

The Aspen Lounge balances the options of today’s material offering with the tenor of traditional craftsmanship in sophisticated, lounge seating. Available in a chair or settee, Aspen offers a multitude of applications in a timeless form that’s designed to last, and leave lasting impressions. 



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Statement of Line

  • 912-10
    W: 28.75 D: 33.75 H: 30.25 SW: 22.75 SH: 17
  • 912-20
    W: 52 D: 33.75 H: 30.25 SW: 45.5 SH: 17
  • 912-59
    W: 22.75 D: 17.75 H: 15.75
Lawrence Peabody

Designed by Lawrence Peabody

Peabody was an ideal designer for Nemschoff, as he shared a common interest in creating lasting designs. Like Nemschoff, Peabody understood the importance of using outstanding craftsmanship to achieve unforgettable aesthetics.

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