The Environment

Are your products Indoor Advantage Gold Certified?

Yes, our products are 100% Indoor Advantage Gold Certified, and our company is ISO 14001 Environmental certified. Look for the SCS Indoor Advantage logo on each product page to find individual SCS Certification numbers.

Where does Nemschoff’s lumber come from?

Nemschoff purchases lumber mostly from local reputable sources within 1,200 miles of the Sheboygan manufacturing facility, although for some products, materials come from Michigan, New York or Canada. Currently, we source lumber from companies that may have FSC and SFI certifications.

Does Nemschoff use reusable packaging?

Most Nemschoff products are shipped blanket-wrapped with reusable blankets, which eliminates the need for packaging.

What is Nemschoff’s waste policy?

We have recycling programs for cardboard, plastic, aluminum, iron, steel, and paper. This has kept about 200 tons out of landfills in the past 12 months. We continue to look for recycling options for fabric waste. Because of the variety of fabrics and their vinyl content, there have been challenges in identifying recycling solutions. Waste-to-energy options may soon exist for some fabric, but those containing vinyl may not be recycled. Some fabric waste has been repurposed through the State of Wisconsin prison systems, which make a variety of small items for nursing homes, civic shelters, and trauma victims.

Does Nemschoff use non-toxic paints or water-based adhesive materials?

We use water-based adhesives. Additionally, all our finishing materials are non-toxic when fully cured.

Are there any materials that don’t go to landfills?

We have many waste materials that do not go into landfills, including our wood waste, cardboard, paper, oil, plastics, light bulbs, batteries and more. Our wood waste is ground up, stored on site and burned to heat our facility throughout the winter. Other items such as light bulbs, batteries, electronics, and used oil are sent away for repurposing.  Plastics and cardboard are recycled along with office, mixed paper, and metals.

Does Nemschoff use petroleum products?

Although we cannot be petroleum-free at this time, we are continuing to look for ways to reduce our use of petroleum products.

How does Nemschoff dispose of raw lumber waste?

We use our raw lumber waste to heat our largest manufacturing facility. We also make available to area farmers 200 tons of lumber waste in the form of sawdust.

What does Nemschoff do with waste materials from the finishing process?

We contract with an organization to collect clean rags and return for reuse. Each day, we recover most of the solvents to reuse in cleaning equipment. Excess wood stain and finishes are disposed via an environmental recovery agency that incinerates for energy recovery.