Iris Dates

Iris Dates

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Based in Dallas, Iris Dates (Interior Design, Eastern Michigan University) has been designing for healthcare for 24 years.

As an interior designer for the healthcare market, Iris says, “I’m listening to nurses and end users daily tell me what works, what doesn’t work, what is needed out there, and what would help the staff with ergonomics, help the family with intuitive movements, and help the patient with comfort.” She continues, “Knowing all the criteria for designing makes the piece functional, but making it look like a beautiful hospitality piece is the icing on the cake. Evidence-based research has showed that the design of a hospital’s waiting room reflects on the impression of the quality of care. So it is my desire to always create beautiful elegant designs that meet the functional criteria of healthcare, but the furniture looks like you might see it in a hotel or want it in your home.”

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