Family and friends are a key part of a patient’s healing process. They have an important role as care partners–to help their loved ones get well by staying at their side, supporting their needs, and listening to and exchanging important information with the healthcare staff. Palisade was created to support this important work of family and friends by creating a comfortable and responsive setting to make them feel welcome and connected to the patient. Palisade provides a dedicated space for guests and was designed to provide them with a sense of belonging as they become part of the care team.


  • Accommodation

    Palisade’s thoughtful features make it easier for guests to talk eye-to-eye with patients, share meals, entertain themselves, check in with the office, and sleep without leaving the patient’s side. Meeting all of these needs make guests feel welcome and keeps them connected to their loved one so they can support the healing process.
  • Connectivity

    Optional power for phones and laptops let guests stay connected to the outside world while staying near the patient. Dedicated outlets ensure that guests can always find a place to plug in.
  • Space Efficiency

    Integral features make Palisade more functional while minimizing its overall footprint. Individual components are designed to nest, move, or provide extra functions, such as lighting and coat storage, by leveraging vertical space.

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Jess Sorel

While traditional patient rooms focus on the patient, designer Jess Sorel was intrigued by the idea of focusing on another audience. In designing the Palisade collection, he created an environment that spoke to the patient’s guests first, instantly signaling a sense of welcome and support.

“From the minute you walked into the room, you could immediately see there was something different here and you were the target for it,” he said. “Once this guest has been effectively cared for, it enables them to turn their attention to hosting the patient. I thought it was fascinating to think of hosting as not only a person-to-person relationship, but also something a space can communicate to a person.”


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