Ava delivers form and function in one comprehensive, yet compact, recliner. This departure from the typical aesthetic was inspired by extensive research and offers a more inviting seating option that is both comfortable and comforting. Designed to maximize maneuverability with a minimal footprint, Ava’s features include pivoting arms, easy-to-use controls, and reverse recline.



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  • Dual-arm controls maximize accessibility from any position or posture.
  • Improved kinematics provide a back pivot location that mimics the movements of the body.
  • Enclosed casters and an open design between the arms, back, and seat prevent debris from getting trapped, allowing easy and efficient cleaning.
  • Pivoting arms give caregivers better access and leverage.
  • The Wingback design, with optional adjustable neck pillow, features a cradled headrest for enhanced comfort and support.
  • Red and green visual cues with Central Brake and Steer pedals on each side of the recliner for optimal visibility.

Statement of Line

  • Wingback 917-66W W: 30.75 D: 33.5 / 72.5 (fully reclined) H: 46.75
  • Arcade Back 917-66A W: 30.75 D: 33.5 / 73.5 (fully reclined) H: 47.75
David Ritch & Mark Saffell

Designed by David Ritch & Mark Saffell

David Ritch (Industrial Design, University of Cincinnati) and Mark Saffell (Interior Architecture, Ringling College) have been designing for the healthcare, contract, and residential markets for 15 years. Their studio is based in Venice, California.

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